Stoni's electronic Boost CONtroller,

designed for Volvos famous B21/B23/B230 turbo engines with Bosch LH-Jetronic systems.

SeBCON-Micro BT is a air mass based electronic boost-controller, designed for turbo engines with LH-Jetronic fuel injection system and conventional regulated turbochargers. SeBCON makes the boost adjustable via an PWM regulated solenoid which is controlled via the air mass flowrate messured by the AMM. The gain from regulating the boost via the AMM is an excellent throttle control over the whole engine speed range.

Power output on a stock B230FK/FT engine will be round about 190-200HP with a LH/EZK chipset and a SeBCON set to 0.9bar/13psi.

SeBCON is especially adapted for the following Volvo engines:
B21FT, B23FT, B23ET, B230ET, B230FT & B230FK

SeBCON can be adjusted also to other turbo engines by modifying the internal maps.

General features:

* Easy to install
* Preprogrammed, Plug-n-Drive
* Pincompatible with SeBCON Micro 1st generation
* Powered by a AVR® Atmega328 Microcontroller
* Customized for the LH-Jetronic 2.0/2.2/2.4 fuel injection system
* Optimized for Stonis LH2.4 tuning chip
* Slot for HC-05-6 Bluetooth Modul
* Compact size (110mm x 52mm x 25mm), PCB is only 50mm x 63mm

BT - Bluetooth features:

* SeBCON-Micro with Bluetooth Module
* Engine data via Bluetooth: IDC, IPW, ECT, RPM, AMM-Voltage, MAP-Parameter
* Access via Bluetooth to Seriel/COM; Terminal App(Mobile Phone) or Terminal(Windows/Linux)
* Switchable between simultaneous, semi-sequential or sequential injection
* Custom maps, programmable via internal editor
* Overboost mode


* AMM signal 0 - 5.1 Volt
* connection to one injectors output stage
* power KL.15
* matching solenoid valve

Delivery scope:

* SeBCON-Micro Board
* Small case
* Manual - available via download

{Availability & Prices}

Price: 249 Euro

All reserved Sebcons from 22/23 are ready for delivery:) 10 new ones are planned for 2024 .... (please reserve)

currently reserved: 2pcs

Prefered Solenoid:
Volvo Part: 30670448
Pierburg:    7.22240.13.0
Skandix:    1016708

LH/EZK Tuning Chips:
When buying a SeBCON you have the option to get an chip-bundle for the reduced price of 100 Euro.

{Manual & Software}

Sebcon-Micro BT Manual
Sebcon-Micro BT Handbuch
BT-Tools & Firmware V1.01
BT-Options Video >German

{Micro; 1st generation}

Sebcon-Micro v1 Manual
Sebcon-Micro v1 Handbuch
Firmware V1.10
SeBCON-BT upgrade
Flash Software


USB-ISP Programmer
USB-ISP 10-6-Pin Adapter

Sebcon Micro V.1
1st generation
Sebcon Micro BT
1st generation
Sebcon Micro BT
1st generation
Sebcon Micro BT Video in German